About Us

BBRC is a preeminent private investment company with a 35 year history of successful ventures across 3 key portfolios: global retail brands, retail property and beef breeding.

BBRC was founded by Brett Blundy in 1980 with the purchase of a single music store in rural Australia. That music store grew into a 350 store chain called the Sanity Entertainment Group; at the time, the biggest seller of music throughout Australia. This kicked off a foray into successful retail business ventures that have ranged from lingerie to fast fashion jewellery and home wares.

With the experience gained working with retail property owners for 25 years, BBRC entered the retail property space themselves. Over 10 years, BBRC has become Australia’s largest private investor in the retail homemaker centres, through Aventus Property. This business is now a listed REIT (real estate investment trust) on the Australian stock exchange.

The third division of the group – beef breeding has roots earlier than any other. Brett Blundy grew up on a farm in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia, and what started as an interest in keeping family roots going has grown into aspirations of feeding Asia’s growing appetite for quality beef.  Through the various land holdings, BBRC is now ranked as the world’s 10th largest private land owner.

BBRC also has a range of other investments collaborating with high calibre management teams focused on growth and innovation.