Are you looking for an investment partner who has walked in your shoes, been there done that,and has consistently demonstrated superior results over the long term?

We simply understand owners, founders, as entrepreneurs by being one and all of them at the same time.

BBRC is a private investment firm with an over 40+ year track record – we have no outside funds under management, enabling us to be very nimble and quick with our decision making. We have one objective, to earn a compounding return on our investment of 20% every year.

At BBRC we have no team of consultants or MBAs. We are incredibly lean, and prefer to work directly with our partners, not through intermediaries or outside experts. Business is hard, it is best to partner with someone who understands that.

BBRC is proud to have started, invested in, and built businesses with its partners across a variety of industries, regions and economic cycles. If you decide we are right for you and would like to build your business alongside us, we have capital ready to deploy now!

Owner value creation

We offer our partners multiple touchpoints to support the growth trajectory of their business. We keep our global team small so those touchpoints always are owner centred conversations. In our experience, being “called upon” is always better than having a big team who feel they need to call on you to justify value.

Results always speak for themselves. However, here are a few illustrations that our partners say add significant value:

Who we are in a nutshell:

People and culture are a top priority for BBRC, reflected in their 10+1 cultural commitments that guide their actions.

BBRC makes fast and confidential decisions, with Brett Blundy acting as a partner, investment committee, and decision maker all in one.

We have a global presence and offers access to extensive operational expertise, leadership training, and resources.

We focuse on sustainable growth through expansion, roll-out, or acceleration, rather than short-term cost-cutting or turnaround strategies.

BBRC welcomes generational succession, embodies an owner mindset, values good governance, rigor, and discipline without unnecessary bureaucracy, and provides patient long-term capital without the pressure to sell based on fund structure timelines.

  • Return on Equity (ROE)

    The metric that matters most.

  • Say it simply

    Net profit after tax is the only way to measure profitability.

  • Blow Budgets Up

    BBRC does not need them or look at them.

  • Share options

    Understand their true cost.

  • Mindset matters

    Executives should have an owner’s mentality.

  • Net profit

    After tax is the only profitability metric.


Big businesses grow from small investments (like Lovisa), so our door is always open to a conversation. Our DNA is building big businesses. Along the way, we have learnt a few valuable lessons that we call our Principles of Ownership:

Owners results

BBRC Investments history & returns